it's been a while since the last time i bought anything from this australian retail brand country road, i am loving their current black & white apparel and home collection.

updated: added few pics from autumn 2013 catalogue

just a quick note that my first blog post over here comes the sun is up, yay! my first topic was on celebrities who shoot analogue cameras. if you're curious about kirsten dunt and angelina jolie's photos here, photo credits and full post can be viewed here, hope you enjoy it :)

happy australia day for those of you down under!

i'm sure by now you have seen this amazing back to the future project before by irina werning, photographer from buones aries, argentina?

what i've just discovered though, this project has been featured as official music video clip of feist' lovely song bittersweet melodies. LOVE!

more music here // listen to youtube playlist here

a while back i ran a collective photography project called how's your weekend. we're very excited that we have decided to relaunched this project as a part of Half/Half

please come visit and share your weekend photos with us, all info on submissions on the about page here

amongst some of the amazing bloggers and photographer participating on our project are sandra juto, hilda grahnat, hila shachar and katie merchant. would like to see more? whose weekend would you like to see? if you have anyone that you'd love to see on this project, let us know on and we might be able to put together some surprise guest appearances! 

have a lovely weekend!


Go to the end of the path until you get to the gate.
Go through the gate and head straight out towards the horizon.
Keep going towards the horizon.
Sit down and have a rest every now and again,
But keep on going, just keep on with it.
Keep on going as far as you can.
That’s how you get there.

a colleague of mine sent this beautiful poem by leunig, who is also a great cartoonist based in australia. a quick reminder for us to keep reaching your dream. you can slow down and take it easy but don't ever give up. 

have a great start of the week!

photo by valerie chiang

i always love stalking (um i meant, taking a peek) at someone else's day to day real homes. so when i came across freunde von freunden at danica's blog i'll just have to repost this. fvf is an international interview magazine based in berlin and above are some fave different houses i found across their site. 

i especially am really excited to find sandra juto and johan have been interviewed on fvf because i have been following them since my early days of blogging (the last two pictures), see their home here.

also see my old posts on other home interview projects the selby, lifecycling and the closet voyeur. love this kind of projects, so if you know any similar ones do let me know!

little news, this year i will be a blog contributor over amanda's blog here comes the sun on the film photography topic. very excited. 

how's your beginning of the year so far?

meet one of my sister's favourite artists suntur, an amazing freelance illustrator from thailand.

his works are just so simple yet so detailed at the same time, loving his choices of colour palettes too. don't forget to follow him on instagram @suntur for more of your eye pleasure.

have i ever mentioned majestic casual youtube? i found really good music and photography from there.

still in the vibe and excitement of the new year, here's some new music finding from majestic casual - i'm currently really liking love is real by moods.

i'm also liking this tune gitdown by flofilz. as much as i said i wasn't really into hip hop music, i think my taste has slightly changed and i'm loving the jazzy piano playing in the background.

do you have any new music to share?

more music here // listen to youtube playlist here

hope your new year is off to an amazing start! i'm not a big fan of resolutions but prefer to do small goals in shorter period of time. i'd love to share with you these links to boost up your 2013.

▲ my first to do least this year: joining apartment therapy's january cure

▲ katrina has redesign her site along with the famouse pugly pixel blog and (this is new to me!) personal blog eat darling eat

▲ holstee's poster that i posted early last year are still the ultimate words to live by

▲ to resolve project for more awesome words with cool design (via design is mine)

▲ last but not least, i'll leave you with hila's beautiful new poem

have you got any new year resolutions? 

photo by charlotte's at a merry mishap
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