analogue celebrities

by - 1/26/2013

just a quick note that my first blog post over here comes the sun is up, yay! my first topic was on celebrities who shoot analogue cameras. if you're curious about kirsten dunt and angelina jolie's photos here, photo credits and full post can be viewed here, hope you enjoy it :)

happy australia day for those of you down under!

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  1. Enjoy the post so much! Thank you, heh x

  2. love your blog!! very complete.. and very good taste in photography..:D going to follow!

  3. great post!! I love your taste in photography.
    have a good day x

  4. That's such a great post on here comes the sun blog. My favorite is Elijah Wood's part, he takes such beautiful pictures :)

  5. love these! thank you for posting - that first photo is my favorite :)