see: life of pi the movie

do you remember that book by yann martel? when i heard they were making a movie out of this book, i didn't know how i'd feel about it. but now that i've seen the trailer and found out that ang lee is the director, i have to say that this actually looks really good and i can't wait to see it! thoughts?

visit: books actually, super cute independent bookshop located in tiong bahru, singapore

hi everyone i am back and safe. there are so many things happening and things to catch up on and things i want to do but so little time, so please be patient with me as i will be a really slow blogger! prioritisation is never easy!

i still need to sort out a lot of photos (too many!) from holiday and i will share them with you at some stage, i promise! but in the mean time, i would really love to share with you about this really cool bookshop my friend took me to when i was in singapore: books actually

not only they have interesting books and magazines, they also have various stationery and vintage knicks knacks that would just make you want to buy everything! tiong bahru itself is such a nice area, i really enjoyed strolling around this suburb checking out their cute little shops and cafes. if you've ever planned to singapore, highly recommended!

just a quick post to drop you a note that i'm on hiatus and will have limited access to internet while i'm in india and singapore. i will be on twitter and instagram every now and then when i have wifi connection tho - it's @lauratj for both channels if you'd like to keep in touch. in the mean time, please visit beautiful people on the links on my sidebar. stay warm for those of you who are in australia, see you all in a bit x
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