2012 year in review

by - 12/31/2012

here are top 10 highlights of my year:

1. jo and i opened our shop Half/Half along with our first ever market debut at make & share backyard fair. we have also recently launched our new site.

2. did a march challenge to do something different everyday.

3. moving to a townhouse which was at a slightly further suburb but it feels more like a proper home.

4. we also planted a herbs garden in our backyard. thanking jo for her harassment and help us setting this up. side note i used to hate gardening.

5. did resin jewellery making and solar plate printing workshops.

6. finally have a car! my sister and i share it but still, i have a car! still a new nervous driver but getting there. 

7. india trip was crazy fun and definitely an experience. and i've really enjoyed my visit to singapore too.

8. relaunched my blog with a new name and concept BOOKM▲▲RKS.

9. started my gym routine and i actually do feel more fit and healthy. 

10. lots of short trips exploring new places around my state NSW including this pretty holiday house at canyonleigh, also to kiama, shoalhaven heads, berry, hyams beach, great mackerel beach and catherine hill bay.

and a few links from the net to end this year:

▲ 21 diy trends that dominated 2012, wonder what 2013 would be?
the lonely pursuit of mr. right - can definitely relate to this.
▲ the year of animated gifs. always make me laugh: #whatshouldwecallme and this advertising life.
 best of 2012 at design sponge.
▲ shoko's articles as my feel good readings.

i'm ready to say goodbye to 2012 and i wish you all the happiest new year with all new exciting adventures. see you then!

artwork by hederra

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  1. it must feel good to have achieved so many in a year! congrats and i hope you have an even more amazing 2013 xxx

    1. thank you, there were more things that i wish i could have done but i guess listing them down like this always make you feel better :) wish you a happy 2013 as well!

  2. What a great list of achievements/highlights for 2012. Love shoko's articles too. An amazing writer. Have a great NYE celebration and wishing you a Happy 2013!

    1. thanks! yes shoko is one of my faves bloggers. wishing you a happy 2013 as well!

  3. I love reading your blog, and congrats on your new etsy store! Funny thing, I was actually thinking of renaming my blog half/half for some reason! Happy 2013!

    1. happy new year to you too ru-chan! hahaha what a coincidence for the name, but for different reason i guess? i like your blog name, i think it's cute!

  4. Happy new year! Wish you the same ;)

  5. Happy New Year Laura! I'm hoping for all the best for you in 2013, and more of Half/Half :)

    1. happy new year to you too hila! likewise, wish you all the best with your novel and writing too!

  6. Aww looks like an amazing journey especially with the shop & trips you've done through the year :) Have a wonderful day!