Thursday, September 06, 2012

hello new day

yep. this is it, today i'm saying good bye to my twenty-something life and hello to the big three-oh! it's crazy and i admit it, i feel a little scared at the start. but you know what, change your thoughts and you'll change the world. that's exactly right. it's time for a spring cleaning ...literally (um, just because i do need to clean my house) as well as my mind, body and soul; see above list things to remember! note to self: this would be something that i would like to live by from here on and i am going to make the most of it, hells yeah ♥


  1. Have a GREAT day!! Hope you enjoy it to the fullest!
    Stay happy :)


  2. Happy Birthday! :)


  3. Happy birthday to you! More happiness & blessings to come in your life.
    And the print is really inspired me, thank you for sharing this. Have a wonderful day :)

  4. happy birthday :) hope you have a lovely one.

  5. really needed to see this today. so good!

    happy birthday!!

  6. I like the things to remember. Good way to live life i think.

    Lovely blog by the way.

    attempted ambition blog

  7. Happy happy bleated birthday ! Same for me soon but the best is yet to come ! Hope you had a lovely day !

  8. Happy birthday Laura!! Next year I'll be joining you in the big 30 :)

  9. love the list and the quote.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Vicki x