the second half of the last days of summer series from coogee beach. how's everyone doing with the long weekend? happy easter!

*camera: diana mini, film: kodak colorplus 200*

a wonderful, wonderful blog i've been keeping an eye on for quite a while now. she takes nice pictures and also posts the most beautiful findings in her blog, so go dig in!

btw i'm going to melbourne for a couple of days next week, if you have any suggestions for good places to go and eat please please please let me know :)

have a nice easter break everyone! 




thank you all so much for all your nice comments on my previous post on diana shots. these ones were taken at coogee beach at the last days of summer this year.

also some link love:

♥ my lomo page. are you there too? please add me :)

♥ sparkmylane photos taken by our friends. thanks to everyone who came yesterday and to all contributors. it was a great day and couldn't have done it without you guys!

♥ one of the most beautifully written blog i've come across le project d'amour by hila shachar is entering sydney writers' centre blog competition. please join me to support and vote for her!

*camera: diana mini, film: kodak colorplus 200*


(1) sydney opera house (2) the botanical garden (3) hyde park (4) black star pastry, newtown

i've got my second film roll developed! although i'm not sure if my shots from this second roll are any better than my first one... hope i'm not boring you with more sydney photos! and by the way do you think that big tree at the botanical garden looks like a giant broccoli? 

what are you all doing this weekend? if you're in sydney, please do to stop by and say hi to us at our pop up art exhibition in newtown. please wish us luck and a rainless day.

*camera: diana mini, film: kodak colorplus 200*

see: photographs by jula mint, based in germany.

miss hila from le project d'amour has tagged me with versatile blog award to share seven facts about myself and pass it on to other bloggers. today i want to share with you a bit of myself before my blogging life. so this would probably be about 5 years ago (i have an old blog before i started see hear say).

1. i used to spend more time on tv and dvd than in front of my computer screen, unless i was doing some online research for uni projects and assignments. look at me now and my addiction of the internet...

2. i didn't really appreciate museums and art galleries, or even art in general for that matter. not that i didn't like it, but i just wasn't paying attention much about it. and now i'm really regretting it that i didn't spend enough time exploring museums and art galleries when i was in europe (i lived in rotterdam for about 3 years).

3. i thought vintage wasn't cool. and obviously i didn't go to many op shopping or markets. sigh.

4. i love food and still do. this one will never changed hahaha.. although i didn't use to take pictures of my food back then, while i would now, if i think it looks pretty.

5. i didn't use to like polkadots, love hearts and floral patterns. i kind of do now, even though i don't have much of these patterns in my wardrobe. 

6. i used to go to gigs a lot more than i do now. while these days it seems like i'm quite interested in seeing a more cultural events, tho i wish i'd go to see more live music. i'm looking forward to see a contemporary dance that i've got myself booked for next week, i would have never thought about going to see a play or dance back then.

7. i'm a really slow reader but i read more books now than i did before. i think i used to read a lot when i was little, but then i just stopped reading books maybe after high school. and i only started reading again probably in the past 2 years or so.

there you go! looking back, i feel like my views and ways of thinking have changed a lot since then. apart from my life experiences, work  the awesome people i met in life (you know who you are!), i do have to say that blogging influences my preferences to view things differently. do you feel the same way about blogging, is it just the trend, or does my taste just change as i get older?

enough about me, now i would like to pass this on to liss, amanda, danica, aron and adeline to compile their seven facts, only if you guys want to play along of course! 

p.s. thank you so much for all of you who have commented on my preparation for sparkmylane, i wish you all could come! wish me and jo luck, and i'm just really hoping it won't rain on the day. enjoy the rest of your sunday.

*photo by camilla engman*

see: feist's documentary dvd look at what the light did now.

this dvd was released last year but i've only discovered it today when i was google-ing her to see what she's up to these days. i'm regretting it that i've missed her gig when she came down to sydney a while back. what an awesome idea to combine beautiful music with art in a concert. feist, when are you coming back to sydney?

*photo from feist's official website*

the days are getting closer and closer to sparkmylane exhibition. jo and i are busy preparing the day as well as our artwork(s). there are still few things we're organising such as contingency plan if it rains on the day. we're quite nervous as well as very excited about our very first event, this means a lot to us and we're hoping it's going to go well. here are some photos of jo's work in progress two weeks ago (and there are obviously some food involved, jo's homemade berry apply crumble with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, hmmm!!). 

if you're in sydney, do stop by to say hello to us and possibly bring home some artworks too:

sparkmylane (art for cheapskates)
sunday, 17th april 3.00pm
newtown lane

more details on our facebook event page, any questions please contact me. hope to see you there!

see: ImagineNations™ art globes.

ImagineNations™are vintage globes made of recycled materials and each design is one of a kind, handcrafted with love by wendy gold, an artist based in san francisco. aren't they just amazing? i want to collect them all! i've also really enjoyed watching this video posted at wendy's blog: how globes are made.

*thanks M for the link!*
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