kings of convenience

hear: me in you by kings of convenience.

their latest music video!! eirik and erlend, why you guys no come to australia? :(

i'm really looking forward to see erlend plays with his other band the whitest boy alive for sydney festival 2012 though.

and by the way, does anyone know where is this video shot? such a pretty place.


  1. a little bit of me inside you?

    c'mon i'm not the only one thinking dirty thoughts (sorry to tarnish your blog laura)

  2. haha - jodeska has tainted the pristine innocence of kings of convenience (and your blog) with subtle smut!

    seriously, i wish they would come here too. i saw the whitest boy alive in 2008 and they were great. you're in for a treat, laura.

  3. such gorgeous sounds they make. a little sleuthing tells me the location is the KOC hometown: Bergen, Norway!

  4. Thank you Laura for this post... I like very much this band and you're right, this town is pretty cool!

  5. I read that the video was actually shot on Eirik's roof (the handsome KOC ;) Love the video, the city and the song.

  6. :) I have the same morning song!
    Been listening to KOC, too. Have a Great week!

  7. I have to agree with jo :)

    p.s. I've always loved their name - kings of convenience. Such a cool band name.

  8. You have so many reasons to come to Norway now :)


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