lucy chadwick

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see: a cool video by the selby for zara.

this short film is about lucy chadwick, a british artist and contemporary art gallery owner in new york city.

*via little bits of lovely*


@jodeska: upload more photos of your mum!!

@the drifter and the gypsy: thanks, i'm sure mum will be so flattered to hear that :) your turn to upload your old photos?

@joy: thank you :)

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  1. Definitely a very cool video. Isn't the first song 'There's Nothing Underwater' by Lightspeed Champion (Dev Hynes). One of my favourite musicians!

  2. I've just seen this video almost four times :-) it's so inspiring and I love her outfits

  3. How lovely is this video? I hope you are well Laura xx

  4. this video is absolutely beautiful ♥

  5. i'm such a voyeur. enjoy watching artists, or artist enablers, going about their thang.

  6. Simple and lovely. Thanks for sharing :)