vietnam #1: the journey begins

by - 10/02/2011

day 1 in hanoi. in between the heat and noise in hanoi busy streets, jo managed to show me around quite a number of places. we went to this nice roof top bar to see the sunset. the sky was pink and lovely.

day 2 we're going for a cruise in halong bay. this is our cute little cabin on the boat. thank goodness for the full air conditioned room, this is where we escaped from the exhaustion of the heat and humidity.

we had a feast all-you-can-eat lunch. and i ate dragon fruit for the first time. surprisingly i didn't mind eating fruit pretty much the whole trip in vietnam (i'm not a big fan of fruit and always too lazy to eat it...)

we visited the floating fishing village in a row boat. it was nice and quiet and relaxing away from city.

we saw cute fish at the village. they're just amazing and look like cartoon film characters. i only got good snap of this fish but jo got a good snap of his friend who's got big eyes and some spikes at his back.

i was trying to take a picture of these tiny little fish but the sun and silhouettes caught my eyes.

they had cooking demonstration where they showed us how to cook vietnamese springrolls, so delicious!!

day 3, still in halong bay. we woke up early and were so ready to join tai chi on the boat top deck but it was cancelled because it was raining really heavy. the storm was quite exciting to see though. the rain stopped later that day and we went to visit this huge cave, except that my camera was running out of battery... so no photos of the cave.

more of my adventure in vietnam with jo to come so i hope you don't mind i'm going to talk about my trip again for a bit more! you can also see more photos from our halong bay trip at jo's blog here and here.

credit to julia trotti's curves, except photo #1 (hanoi) and photo #5 (the fish) are sooc
camera: canon 450D / location: hanoi & halong bay / more photos on my flickr


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  1. Nice photos especially the tiny fish pond and the last one, *The storm looks scary though :-S*.
    Looking forward for your adventurous pictures in vietnam! (i always wonder what's in there, hehe)

  2. Love the silhouette on the water! Great photos as always. Have an awesome week!

  3. wow, amazing pics

  4. So glad you're sharing your photos, Vietnam is one of the places I hope to visit someday. Beautiful photos Laura, as always :)

  5. Beautiful shots - especially the last one of the boats. What an amazing place to visit!

  6. Looks nice. Is this on the Emeraude? We took that cruise in 2007. It was terrific, and we also did the Spring roll demonstration. The food was great, and the sights were truly breathtaking. Nice post.

  7. Wonderful photos! I really would like to go to Vietnam :)

  8. I sooo want to go to Vietnam, i love the photo of the floating fishing village, that is what I want to see, the green water and the limestone. ahhh so beautiful!!!! you photos are making me long for travel

  9. wonderful pictures!! really great capturings!

  10. thank for sharing :) love your blog.

    may i ask what cruise you used? I am going there myself in 3 months!

  11. Amazing shots, particularly the last one!

  12. Hey I love the colour tone of your pictures. They look great!

  13. The cruise ship suite looks lovely! Is it OK if I ask about the liner? My family's due a trip around Asia!

  14. Wow these shots are great, in particular the 1st and last. Looks like it was an amazing trip.

  15. oo yum that fruit looks delicious and the photo is so cool!

    lovin your blog! I'm getting more and more into photography and looking for inspiration. I just did a photography blogger interview if you're interested :)

  16. Beautiful photos Laura, looks like an incredible trip! xx