9:23 PM

hear: everything goes my way by metronomy

i love this song so much ever since i heard it from one of the mixes at designers.mx and discovered today that they have a new video clip for this song. *via this is exactly what it looks like*

it's going to be a busy time this week (and the next couples of weeks actually) at work, please wish me luck! have a great week everyone!


@sun: thanks sun :) the storm was a little scary but exciting hehehe...

@tabitha: thanks so much, you have an awesome week too!

@sharmaine ruth @her persona @adeline @joy @Y: thanks so much guys :)

@vintageveggie: incredible fish indeed!

@kris koeller: no, it was called bhaya cruise. but yeah they have so many different companies doing the cruises, the one we took wasn't bad either - good activities, good food, beautiful view, it was nice and relaxing.

@ana: thank you :) i also repost metronomy's latest video clip i discovered from your blog, it was my current favourite song so thanks for sharing!

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  1. Ciao!
    you are a beautiful blog!

  2. "Everything Goes My Way" is one of my favorite song!

  3. best of luck! (which i´m sure you don´t need:))

  4. Have you heard the entire album?! If not you must do so NOW. One of the most underrated albums ever.

  5. One of my faves in 2011. Definitely.

  6. i love i love i love metronomy

  7. I love metronomy...Soooo much! :D

  8. wish me luck too! I'm in the same boat as you ... sigh, heads down, work hard, and good luck.

    p.s. your vietnam photos are amazing laura!

  9. i love metronomy ~ they're amazing live. i've never heard this song before, but i already love it. thanks for sharing.

  10. They are awesome! No wonder they have so popular on youtube. Thanks for sharing laura!

  11. i have so much love for metronomy!

    good luck for the next few weeks - i hope they are less hectic than expected.

  12. I love this too! It's on my fall playlist:)

  13. love this song, my friend was the director/film maker of this video clip!