melbourne #5

by - 6/20/2011

i hope i'm not boring you with my photos? melbourne is just such a beautiful city that i kept taking pictures! these ones were taken at fitzroy as we strolled across lots and lots of quirky little shops and cafes and street art.


@the letters i wish i'd written @danica: the collection of macarons are just insanely good, i kind of regretting not trying every single one of them now!

@much love: i haven't finished my diana roll yet! i think there's something wrong with the film roll... i haven't done anything with it yet, i don't dare to open the camera to see what's wrong because i'm scared i'd ruin the whole roll :(

@everyone else: thanks so much for your nice comments, they mean a lot to me!

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  1. ooohhh, street art!
    I have never seen any street knitting or crochetting for real. Hope someone will start it in Oslo, otherwise I will have to ;-) Hmmm... that's maybe an idea ;-)

  2. such great shots! this looks amazing!

  3. the doily tree! so good. i've seen the knitted ones of course but the doilies are so much more original.

  4. oh god NO! You're not boring us at all! I'm loving seeing melbourne from your perspective - it makes me want to go!!!! Your photos are so totally beautiful :)

    I'm a happy reader ;)



  5. yeah doily tree, so much prettier than knitted tree! I recognise that street in the top photo, the skeleton & wolf mask boy are by ghostpatrol, love his art.

  6. boring no, i love this!
    amazing street art and those trees are just mesmerizing.

  7. oh my these are such amazing photos of Melbourne. Im feleing home sick for Melbourne now :(

  8. the doiley tress is so awesome!! ahh these make gold coast look so shit now. haha. gosh I forgot how much I LOVe Melbourne.

    also the first picture looks ike a Gostpatrol and MISO.

  9. No way! Oh my goodness those trees are amazing! That's why I love Melbourne, so much art and culture in that city x

  10. lovely pictures, such a great place!!

  11. your blog is amazingly gorgeous!!! i really love love love love love it!!! so very inspiring!!!!

  12. I get even more excited about moving to melbourne in 4 weeks when I look at all your lovely pictures! loving the street art and the cute little shops!