kiko mizuhara

by - 6/25/2011

kiko plays as midori at norwegian wood and i just couldn't take my eyes off her, she's so pretty! this gorgeous girl's background is half korean half american, she is probably the most talked about model and actress in japan currently. she starts being recognised around the world now and i think she'll make it big. love!


@cinta / sepi / sayu: i fall in love with her too hence the post dedicated to kiko!

@daydream lily: i really hope this movie goes across australia as well so everyone gets to watch it!

@cecilia hidayat @stay under the stars: everyone talks about how good the book is! next to read as soon as i finish my current book :)

@hila @danica: i hope you get to see the movie soon, i've never been a good reviewer so i'm really keen on reading some thorough review from the both of you who are more expert in this area!

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  1. I love how her top matches the duvet in the first picture.

  2. wonderful photography! love the pattern and have to see your in the movie.. xoxo

  3. I've never heard of this girl before, but the photos are lovely. I think I like the first and fourth especially :).

  4. Oh my god she used to be a ViVi model!!! *Sigh*

  5. she looks like a little doll - literally. And she's even cuter against that backdrop of pretty flowers. Sheesh, I feel frumpy now :)

  6. Gorgeous photos! Nice dress ;)

  7. Omg! She is stunning. And i love Lina. I have to get a copy of this magazine. And i have to watch norweigan wood. I think i will have a new obsession.