tea forté

by - 5/17/2011

buy: tea forté, american brand gourmet tea found by peter hewitt.

i can not tell you how good their tea is, you just have to try them yourself. every flavour is just special, not to mention how much i love their sexy pyramid packaging too, i just have to take pictures. oh, they also have recipes for iced tea and cocktails too on their site, yummeeh! good tea makes me happy!


@steph @danica - yes definitely, how good is the balcony and the rooftop! i guess the weather makes a difference too to live in a place like this, it would be perfect for summer but maybe not in winter!

@hila - same, i think it's such a fun place but i don't know if i could stay in a tiny apartment like that for a long period of time. thanks for wishing me luck, i need it! i should be able to share the project with you all once it's all finalised :)

@anonymous - omg i had to look at the video twice, you're right! i couldn't find where the washing machine is either! maybe it's an external shared one? or he just have to go to public laundry place haha..

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  1. wow, looks really stylishly :)

  2. packing is adorable, i hope the tee is good, too :)

  3. That packaging is really lovely! I'm a huge tea fan, think I would LOVE this.

  4. How amazing is that tea bag! I saw pictures of these online somewhere and gasped. Now you have them. Does it taste good?

  5. This is so adorable! I must try it.

  6. What pretty packaging and photos!

  7. Such a beautiful package design!! :)

  8. It's a pity that I don't like tea. I don't know why? :(
    But I like tea forte's packaging a lot!