nanna lagerman

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see: breath taking space by swedish interior designer nanna lagerman for elle interior.

all photos were beautifully shot by philip karlberg, also from sweden.

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@herecomesthesun @sj: yes, bridesmaids is definitely not the best movie i've seen, but exactly right, if you're after a light and silly movie then go for it. but i just think that line said in the movie was really good and kind of gave me a nudge.

@simoana: they are so good and also entertaining and so much fun :) i'm glad i went to see them!

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  1. Holy moly. This place is amazing. Such beautiful light!

  2. fantastic! look at all those light, it should be a art studio.

  3. I love that idea for the coffee table in the top picture. Amazing.

  4. Wow, those windows are amazing! Incredible space xo

  5. That is an amazing space, so much natural light.

  6. Definitely my dream house :)
    By the way, I like the idea of ¨replies¨ of the previous blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh I just adore this! the open space and the bright setting is just my idea of a perfect lounge area :)

  8. Killing me softly... seriously speechless.