mikkel vang for kikki k

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see: kikki k's latest campaign by mikkel vang, a denmark native.

if you haven't already got it, go get yourself a copy of kikki k's latest catalogue when you stop by at one of their shops. combining beautiful stationery with stunning photography packaged in one nice simple layout just wins me.

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  1. these pictures are so pleasant to watch!

  2. Oh I've been meaning to go to Kikki K ever since you told me about the catalogue! Must do that SOON.

    p.s. I have that diary! ;)

  3. That catalogue does sound riveting.

    Photos are astounding, as is that stationary.

    However, I am not even aware of that brand/shop where I am . . .

  4. the catalogue is awesome! it's like a big poster book of art :)

  5. Gorgeous models and stunning photography!

  6. So mucj summer feeling!! Lovely!

    Have a look at my photo blog



  7. that boat photo has such a lazy summer feel to it, i love it!

  8. these images are so comforting. makes me want to travel to a far off land!

  9. wow, i love these photos. sorry, it's been so long since i've stopped by your blog! i feel terrible. how are you? it's been fun catching up on everything you have posted. thanks (as always) for all of the inspiration!