barbara appolloni

by - 5/14/2011

see: 24 m2 (or 258 square foot) apartment designed by barbara appolloni, currently residing in barcelona.

very practical for such a tiny space, and i think it works well for someone single. the very minimalist modern chromed colour interior itself, i have to say, is not really my personal taste and i found it a bit masculine. however what barbara has done to this mini space i think is super cool. and i totally in love with the balcony and the rooftop!

i'm not sure if i would live in this kind of apartment but i definitely wouldn't mind staying there for a short period of time or as holiday apartment. what do you think?

*via the consumerist*

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!

    But that's the kind of place you can only have if you live somewhere with a climate which allows you to be out on the roof terrace - it would be impossible to have such a place in Norway, I'd go nuts.
    Conclusion: I have to move to Barcelona.

  2. the minimalistic style and structure is beautifully done!

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  4. WOW. I was fairly sceptical until I saw the balcony and the view. Total pay-off! Nice find!

  5. it's incredibly beautiful and so clever, but like you, I don't know how I'd feel living there.

  6. the balcony would make it worthwhile...even if you had to adjust to the small space.

  7. Where's the washing machine?

  8. wow! I was about to ask the same thing too! Where's the washing machine? lol

    Well, this is really kinda amazing, though i can't see myself forcing to be neat and organised all the time! :-P