a4 paper festival

by - 5/25/2011

what's on: a4 paper festival presented by paper convention collective. view their full program here.

the opening night is next tuesday, 31st may, at one of my fave art galleries in sydney the paper mill gallery. i love paper and i'm quite excited about this! don't forget to rsvp if you'd like to attend the opening night. anyone planning to go? well i am, so i'll see you there!

annnddd... another exciting event happening soon is vivid sydney which starts this friday 27th may. oh, that's in 2 days, yay!

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  1. how lovely, never heard of an Paper Festival yet! pity I'm not in Australia! ;)


  2. oh god, it's in my calendar already... but won't be able to make it. i'll wait for your full website on your blog. another thing to add to my list ;-) and Vivid is of course in my calendar as well, it will be on my blog tomorrow. *cryyyyyyyyyyyy*

  3. This sounds fantastic, I will definitely be going!
    And I can't wait for Vivid (even if the opera house did make a complete mess out of selling tickets for the related concerts!)

  4. *sad*. Oh well. Are you seeing AIH?

  5. this sounds fantastic. shame that events like this don't ever seem to take place in perth.

    finally caught up with old posts and loved your shots of the dunlop factory. amazing! anything with disco ball refractions gets the thumbs up from me.

  6. oh man, i've been contemplating a trip to sydney just for the paper festival. sadly i don't think it's meant to be.

    i usually use a canon ae-1, but i have an old ricoh (k-r5, i think?) that is also amazing, and a newer model olympus that is waiting its turn... :)

  7. Ah, the screen-printing course was at the Paper Mill Gallery! It was really great

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