Monday, March 14, 2011

sundari carmody

see: photography by sundari carmody, currently based in adelaide, australia.

i have been following sundari's blog for a while now. and she's one of the sweetest bloggers who inspired me to get into lomography at the early days with all her help and advice. so here is a shout out for you sundari with your lovely distinctive photography style - still, strong character, somewhat a little bit eerie but beautiful at the same time. 

also see: sundari's awesome camera collection. so many to play with, love!! what cameras do you have? 

music monday
hear: talamak by toro y moi


  1. I have too many to count but I love the idea of photographing them and showing them about. adorable!

  2. Such gorgeous photography!! :)
    If only I had such a wonderful camera collection to play with ... that would be a fantastic dream! :)

  3. these images are lovely, and will definitely be checking out more x.x.x

  4. The first photo is lovely! I'd like to try lomography sometime. But first I have to go find myself a good lomo camera.

  5. Beautiful photos, I love natural sunlight ~ it always makes nature look even more magical.

  6. I totally agree with you about Sundari's work, she's mesmerising.

  7. Stunning! And what an amazing camera collection! A little bit jealous here!