seed femme

by - 3/02/2011

see: seed femme autumn-winter 2011 collection.

i think they're my current favourite retail shop in australia at the moment. i'm really liking their simple and comfy style and earthy natural colours, so easy to wear. and the interior of their shop is just so nice and homey and cosy as well.

p.s. so turns out i didn't win the lovelies award, oh well, maybe i'll try again next year. thanks so much for your support all of you who have voted, i really appreciated it. i won't bug you about voting anymore both on my blog and my twitter! or until next year at least :) have a nice day!

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  1. This store is very you. Get the hat!
    I'm on a shopping ban.

  2. These is so beautiful; so easy to wear.

  3. Beautiful & simple clothes. At first glance the model looked a tad like Keira Knightley.

  4. The first two shots are so beautfiul, such elegance and charm.

  5. All their clothes look super comfy.

  6. oh that's a shame, I'm sorry Laura.

    Maybe looking at pretty pictures will appease you for now :)

  7. gosh your blog always makes me swoon!
    i get little tummy butterflies with excitement as i paw through each post! x x

  8. wonderful outfits on the bottom there, love the blues and browns :)

    Ps; love your blog!