rus anson

by - 3/20/2011

see: amazing photos by rosanna a.k.a rus anson, based in san francisco, new york, barcelona.

from fashion and beauty photography, to kiddy shots, to stills. i love them all. on a side note, i think danica's approach on replying comments is such a really good idea and i would like to try it out on my blog as well. so here they are!

: : replies : :

@stephanie - thanks, glad you like them!

@meowcake @tornadoes and tigers @elegant storms - oh do come over to sydney when you have a chance, it's beautiful here :) i just love both being a tourist in our own city and being a real tourist elsewhere!

@jodeska - we should definitely make the most of it before you leave! don't know whom i'm gonna go with when you're gone *sad face* when's our next outing? 

@chapoul - wish you were here! when are you coming back for a visit?

@hila - oh i'd love to visit perth one day! i'm sure it's lovely there, would love to see proper sunset on the beach!

@steph - i heard adelaide is beautiful! i have to go there for a visit one day. sadly i missed imperial panda because i have lots of family things going on :(

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  1. Wonderful photography, thanks for sharing! Have a happy Sunday!

  2. Ohh I LOVE Rus! She's one of my favorite photographers.

  3. oh my god, these photos are so inspiring!

  4. Stunning! Do I have to say more?

  5. Wow. She has some lovely subjects to work with too!

  6. Yes, Rus Anson is so dreamy and amazing!

    The Picnic Girl

  7. Nice photo's