wellington st, chippendale

coogee beach

bacco cafe, QVB

hyde park

download: instagram if you're an iphone user. do they have it on androids too?

it's true that i used to say "no, i don't need iphone, i just use my mobile for phone calls and text messages". but now that i have an iphone... oh dear, it is a life changing gadget. i can also now go online, check weather, maps, public transport, manage my finances and all the fun stuff like instagram!   this post is dedicated to someone who was trying to convince me to buy an iphone for maybe about a year hahaha, you know who you are!

are you on instagram too? add me @ lauratj. have a nice weekend!


  1. darn it! I always though instagram photos were lame but after seeing yours i've change my mind and am downloading the app as i speak haha

  2. ooooo add me, add me. lovekatyha :D Gorgeous photos!!

  3. Oh the iphone. I didn't want one for so long but the deals got better and my old nokia got worse so here I am with my own little apple machine that lets me do oh so much, like play angry birds all day! Don't download the game, I should have listened to my friend when she told me that a whole day can disappear! But Tumblr is a good one. Pity theres no blogger app.

  4. You know I'm an Instagram lover, I feel exactly the same about my iPhone, it it L O V E :)

  5. i don't have an iphone. refuses to get one coz it's just not me! But ilove that app!

  6. I like having Facebook and Twitter right at my finger tips!

    I've told to get the instagram app. But until then, I'll just enjoy others photos : )

  7. haha, I'm still resisting iphones or any of those smartphones, but I maaaaay change my mind soon... the idea of taking photos and going online all the time is pretty tempting, I must say.

  8. i put off buying an iphone forever, i had a few gripes with people who became anti social while using them. I make I put it away when I'm with people but i love that it has GPS, that I can take photos with it, and I've become a little obsessed with 'Words with Friends' :)

  9. Gosh these are lovely Laura! I'm off to follow you on instagram, look out for @cohabitaire ... I gots plenty of shots from around the east too :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I just discovered your blog and it blew me away...breathtakingly beautiful. the photography is happily melancholic. truly divine xxx


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