beautiful sydney

the famous sydney opera house

the tourists

sometimes being a tourist in your own city makes you realise and appreciate more how beautiful your city actually is. and you might discover new things that you didn't know before as well. this year i think i have been exploring different kinds of creative scenes that sydney offers more than i have ever been in the previous years - sydney festival, jurassic lounge, art express and art month sydney just to name a few. there are a lot happening and i'm so grateful to be living here. 

tell me about your hometown or the city you live in now? i'd love to hear your story. or see some photos - please leave me your link if you want to play along and do a similar blog post. and if you're a sydneysider too, do share with me if any awesome event that you went or are going to because i don't want to miss out :)


  1. I'm thinking of moving to Aus! I need to visit first though :p

  2. I've been having a wonderful week. In eight days I've been to 7 different things. I'm in love with Sydney and I'm ramping it up. I'm making you come with me- 6 more weeks til I leave!

  3. so wish i was there with you! so much more things i wanted to discover! keep on posting about being a tourist in sydney, i love it! and now i will start making a list of things i will do when i come to visit i hope in a near future ;-)
    (oh, and thanks for the link to my blog, i just discovered it :))

  4. i love to be a tourist in my hometown. i like in southern california and there's so much to see! i've only explored santa monica beach, venice beach, old town pasadena, and downtown los angeles. living in such a diverse city is exciting :)

  5. well, people tend to call perth boring, and while I admit it's not as exciting or culturally stimulating as Sydney and Melbourne, it does have its moments (perth festival, perth writers festival - yay!).

    I'm dying to visit Sydney though, thanks for this "peek".

  6. I've been to the Gold Coast, and stopped over in Perth, but never Sydney.

    I love being a tourist in my own city :)

  7. i live in adelaide, and i love it to pieces. the best thing about it is a blank canvas; you can really make something of yourself here, which is harder to do in 'cooler' cities.

    i have lived in a town just out side of copenhagen as well, and i feel a constant pull back to denmark. so who knows what the future holds.

    i absolutely agree that opening your eyes makes your own city so much more amazing. of course it's boring if you sit at home watching tv all the time.

    did you go to imperial panda?

  8. I love your photos


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