toro y moi

by - 2/23/2011

hear: still sound by toro y moi (official video shot on super 8 camera by steve daniels)

apart from the fact that the aircon died for about half time of the show, their live performance was so much fun. i still can't get enough of this song and it keeps playing over and over in my head. and doesn't this video make you want to dance?

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  1. I was quite surprised tp see this in my blogger feed, I just got home from seeing them! I take it you saw them at Good God last night? THey're pretty good

  2. Great sounds, happy you had a fab time..they look fun!! xx

  3. so jealous! i wish they had come to perth :(

  4. hey! I just stumbled across your blog-small fucking world! I'm from Columbia and am friends with them-the nicest people you will ever meet! They are awesome live and the video rules!