see: la belle personne (the beautiful person), a french movie directed by christophe honore, starring louis garrel, léa seydoux and grégoire leprince-ringuet. *movie stills from ifrance* i love the cast and the quirky storyline is full of surprises. its quirkiness distincts this movie from hollywood's version of romance or drama. see if you like this. or if you have already seen it, i'm keen to know what you think. and share with me if you've seen any other good movies lately?

see: domsai, cute little "houses" for your cactus designed by matteo cibic studio, an art direction and product design firm based in italy. i want!! whatever you're doing this weekend, have a good one!

see: RICOR portfolio, film photographer from taipei, taiwan. yes, film only. i think the pictures speak for themselves.

and it's not too late for a music monday is it? i think i'll create a new tag 'music monday' for audio that i included in a post like this, cause i won't normally tag my posts under 'music' unless the subject is talking about a specific band or song.

*music monday*
hear: always by junip

see: le creative sweatshop amazing projects, a conceptual agency collaboration between two french creative geniuses - mathieu missiaen of ndeur and julien morin of make a paper world. i stumbled across their site when researching some inspirations for sparkapolooza latest brief 'paper' (see facebook album) and i'm just stoked. clever use of space and medium in an incredibly stylish way and best of all, i love the DIY thinking behind their works. LOVE!!

see: artwors by sophie toulouse, an illustrator based in both new york and paris. nicely nicely done, i like her style, i wish i could draw like this! *thanks lil for the link!*

see: gary pepper vintage, a fashion blog and shop by nicole warne from sydney. i first time heard about her when she did some guest posts for amanda's blog here comes the sun. i have to admit that i don't really read a lot of fashion blogs, but her blog is just such an eye candy. and isn't she just gorgeous? oh i feel like shopping now! what's your favourite fashion blog or online shop?

p.s. remember my old post about ada experimental? she just turns two and there's a nice giveaway at her blog to celebrate her 2nd anniversary. so what are you waiting for, go on and join!

see: inspirational craft and art projects and tutorials by olivia kanaley at her blog a field journal, based in LA. everything is presented in nice, stylish, well designed and photographed images. her DIY projects have been published on well known blogs / sites, such as project wedding and decor8. this cake, pink parasols and the apple week recipes are just a few samples of her awesomeness.

more photos from catseye beach, hamilton island. love the sun reflection on the water, it feels like you can catch a star in the ocean. also love that the autumn colours rocks, they have shades of yellow, orange, brown and red. all photos are now available on my flickr set if you want to see them.

p.s. i have news to share with you! my final decision is made... that i will be closing down my other blog how's your weekend by the end of this year. i wish i don't have to do this, but sometimes it becomes too difficult juggling in between my daytime work and managing 3 different blogs. so if you'd like to share your weekend photos and stories, hurry up! go on, you know you want to; i've only got 2 months left for this year! i know i keep saying this but yes.. it's still freaking me out that we're already at the end of the year 2010!

hear: i love my harbour by hundreds *black and white photos by jenny schaefer* they're my new favourite band and i just love love love this song i keep playing it over and over again! please do hit play and let me know what you think. do you have any music monday to share with me? 

i have finally uploaded some photos from my trip to whitsundays, queensland. top to bottom: whitehaven beach the most beautiful beach with the whitest sand i've ever seen; stalking a nice couple at one tree hill - hamilton island; sunset at one tree hill - hamilton island; dinner at airlie beach. more photos of beaches coming soon.

what are you up to this weekend?

see: paris vs new york, a tally of two cities created by vahram muratyan who is currently based in paris *via lolita* simple but very very clever, very creative and well designed. i like! i myself have been to both paris and new york, and i really really do love them both, each city is really beautiful in its own way, i'd love to visit again. what do you think, paris or new york? 

see: a new emerging australian fashion line the eleventh hour by anne tu. her new collection 'modern romance' features feminine colours nude, black and white. the eleventh hour will run a pop up store at gaffa gallery as a part of the arcade project, starting 25th november (opening night, take a note of that sydney!) until 24th december.

so... melbourne cup tomorrow. for those of you who are from overseas, this is a spring horse racing carnival, one major event in australia - see wiki for more info. are you ready to frock up australia? i'm having a (long) lunch with some girls from work over some bubbles and free manicure, then going back to the office to see the race with some more beverages. yay! share with me your plans if any?
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