see: photos by kane longden, 17 year old photographer from derbyshire, england. are you doing anything for halloween? have fun if you are and let me know what are you dressing up as! i'm not doing anything really but thought i pick some of kane's photos, which are influenced by mystery and whimsy and just work perfectly for the theme :) have a nice weekend!

see: photos by anna hatzakis, a 15-year-old young lady based in LA. still very impressed at how talented teenagers are these days.

see: white knuckles by ok go. it's been a while since the last time i posted music monday and you don't know how excited i was when i found this clip! ok go has  in general got funny, creative, energetic music clips but this particular one just makes me so happy!

don't forget to also check out the behind the scene video, it is ah-mazing! there a bunch of other interesting videos too on their youtube channel. well done guys!

*photo on the top by ryan welch (does anyone know his website?)*

see: photographs by marie hochhaus from hamburg, another young talented photographer capturing beautiful portraits. it's a rainy grey sunday here in sydney. on days like this i'm just too lazy to do anything, all i want to do is just eating and sleeping! tell me what's your sunday normally like?

see: vintage by colour series by hilda grahnat, based in malmö, sweden. oh and she has such a delightful blog too, and has recently submitted some photos on how's your weekend. i am smitten! colour coordination corner could be a nice inspiration for your home too?

see: photographs by maurizio strippoli from milan. i can feel the silence and stillness, soft and beautiful. how's your week so far? i'm back from my small trip on the beach. i will have some photos to share when i've got a chance to upload them, but for now do enjoy maurizio's gorgeous still images.

see: jan skácelík's beautiful flat on his flickstream. he's from olomouc, czech republic. i love every single corner, so much light, simple with cheerful colours here and there - i love all the swedish designed teapots and mugs and vases he put together in his place. very cozy!

i'm off to the whitsundays this weekend, you all have a nice weekend and take care of yourself. see you next week!

see: all the incredibly cute handmade knick-knacks and adorable kids clothing by cocon, based in france. aren't they adorable? discover more on cocon's flickr stream. love it heaps! *via daydreams & tea*

this is my latest submission to brief 25 on sparkapolooza "the circus, inspired by elle's works that i posted recently. and i also submitted this to world wide moment (thanks anna for tweeting about this!). are you a part of world wide moment too? if so please leave me a link to your photo, i would love to check them out! i hope i didn't bore you too much with posting my own stuff...

for the first time i'm catching up in person with my favourite bloggers of all time liss from daydream lily and amanda from here comes the sun

from top to bottom: at four ate five cafe, liss' sandwich - the cutest couple amanda and hubby - my pulled pork sandwich, yummy! - me, liss, amanda posing in front of camera - we stopped by at paper2 after lunch (awesome little shop full of paper goods and stationery!) and i bought this paris polaroid post-it notes and tiny brown paper envelope with a blank card in it.

thanks for coming to lunch ladies, it's really lovely to meet you! 

see: photography by edwin tse (again!) originally from toronto, canada, currently residing in new york city. i posted about him once but because he's such a great photographer i would like to use his photos again for today's inspiration on different kinds of lightings and positions from the window you could play around with to take beautiful portraits.

see: carey mulligan as featured on wonderland magazine. i fell in love with her the first time i watched an education! carey mulligan is the new twiggy? definitely check out other great high end fashion features, photography and videos at wonderland magazine. sleek and chic.

buy: paper tiger table and stools, creation of the genius australian designer anthony dann. hard to believe, but they really are made of cardboards and yet the stool can hold weights more than 150kg! modern minimalist design - tick. affordable price - tick. environment friendly - tick. all awesomeness checkboxes are ticked, so if you need extra furnitures for your home, office, studio or shops, you know where to go!



anna inghardt


join: flickr faves friday started by amanda from here comes the sun and followed by liss from daydream lily, because it's super fun fun! these are my 5 choices for the week. oh  my gosh is it october already? this year has been passing unbelievably fast. anyhow, cheers to the (long) weekend!!
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