see: elle's flickr stream stealinghearts (based in philippines) to see all the great things she made including these awesome papercuts! oh you know how i love art that has anything to do with paper, they're just fascinating!

it's going to be a long weekend here in sydney, i cannot wait!! what are you up to this weekend? if you're feeling creative and would like to make something, keep in mind that sparkapolooza's new brief "the circus" is up. or if you're taking pictures over the weekend, don't forget to submit them to how's your weekend.

i finally had a chance to upload photos from my trip to hobart. highlights of places to visit: salamanca market, cascade brewery, richmond village and port arthur. good food to eat: smolt and fish349. more photos are now available on my flickr. what are you up to this weekend? for those of you who are in sydney, art and about 2010 is on now 23 september - 24 october. have a good one!

see: photographs by laura gommans, based in amsterdam and gothenburg. she's pretty, she's quirky and she takes nice photos. and isn't laura just a great name? ;)

see: incredibly beautiful photographs by anna malmberg, a swedish photographer who is currently based in paris. also do check out anna's photoblog at

i'm taking it easy and staying in this weekend. i've cleaned up my place and now enjoying spring air up in my balcony (oh, hello sun!), reading blogs over a chai latte. i am also yet to upload some photos from my trip to hobart two weeks ago... what are you up to?

see: some white interior inspirations captured by olga bennett, photographer based in melbourne, australia. yes, i still love white and can't get enough of it! also check her lovely blog here.

buy: from orchards, fields and gardens, it's such a lovely book compiled by kerstin svendsen, a graphic designer who's currently residing in san francisco. the book itself features works from 11 authors, and photos and illustrations from 21 artists celebrating the sustainable agriculture and good food.

see: habit, where people are gathered to capture and celebrate the bits of their daily lifes. emily and molly are the lovely ladies behind this website. i'm back to blogging and am so happy when i found this! if you like how's your weekend *shameless self promotion hahaha...* you will definitely love habit!

see: your secret a beautiful inspiring video by jean-sebastian monzani based in switzerland. i posted this a while ago at lily and the muse, but i just still very much like it and i think everyone who reads my blog should see this too. i also like this video too. ok kiddos, i'm off to hobart (wooh!) this afternoon so i won't be posting until next week. you all have a lovely weekend!
let's celebrate the first day of spring with floral tights! spring is my favourite season of the year!


michelle may

the cherry blossom girl

have you seen my guest post over the drifter and the gypsy? head over there to see some more tights inspirations! or if you have your own cute tights to share, please do comment and leave me a link so i can check out yours!

also... i am really flattered to be a part of project blogger at it's geekchic. please stop by to see my interview and show some love, thank you!
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