see: dogs and cats and other animals posing for sharon montrose, an animal photographer specialist, based in LA. i just can not stop browsing at her portfolio over and over again. i want a puppy!!!

see: lyndsay caleo and fitzhugh karol's home in brooklyn as seen at the selby. small but spacey. lots of lights. white, white and more white combined with wooden pieces here and there. i love every corner of their house!

see: what i have got in my mail last week - it's a lovely piece by dawbis! (sorry my photos are a bit dark..) dawbis is a paper artist and collector based in texas, usa. i have been a loyal reader to her blog for some time now and the artworks she posted always put a smile on my face. very happy to have own one of her art with me, i am yet to buy a nice frame for its new home.
see: anna emilia's paintings and drawings, based in finland. they are oh-so-darling! don't forget to check out her lovely blog too. also if you are into lomography, please do let me know what camera do you have or would you recommend - see my previous post here. have a lovely weekend!

i am sorry i have abandoned my blog for a bit too long now, it's been quite a long week and i am so glad weekend is here and now i have time to catch up on blogs and browsing the internet! anyhow, i thought i share with you some shots that i like from my experiment with fisheye 2. do you have a lomo camera? which one(s) do you have?

see: photos by ann he, a teenage photographer (15 years old!!!) currently living in texas and originally from chengdu, china. the theme of the day is balloons.

p.s. i uploaded some photos taken with fish eye camera at my flickr - dedicated and special thanks to sundari!

p.s.s. new sparkapolooza brief is up, so if you're feeling creative why don't you join the fun and submit your photos, writings, drawings, craft... everything and anything you wanna do! well go on then, you know you want to :)

see: paper sculpture by daniel sean murphy who lives and works in NYC. these are just brilliant brilliant brilliant!!! have a nice weekend.

buy: pillow cases by blanca gómez from madrid. that's right, it's the second time i posted about her awesome design. yes please, i want both of them for my house!

see: amazing photographs taken by denise grünsteins, highly respected photographer in sweden. these are fairies captured behind her lens. or are they garden princesses?

see: beautiful retro campers and caravans at snail trail, based in the uk. they have a number of vintage vehicles to sell and hire. ever since i saw an article in frankie about pretty retro caravans, i just fell in love with them. how cool is it to have one of these beauties in a photo or video shoot?

model: greer
make-up: livia

this is the second batch of the photoshoot i did with my friends. some edits with the first two photos because i wasn't too happy with the colours; and the last two photos were straight out of camera. 

hope you don't get bored that i'm sharing my own photos here? i just happened to have a few photoshoots with my friends recently, which is quite a good practice for me because i found portraiture really really hard to do. anyway, also check out what my other friends have captured in this flickr group.

do you take photos a lot? what's your favourite subject(s) to shoot? do share with me, i'd love to hear from you. have a nice weekend!

see: a little message from me pinned up to a tree as a part of adeline's talking trees project. i heard about this cute little project from danica's blog. see other messages too here.

talking about project, if you're feeling crafty and you love papers, you should definitely join dawbis' lovely paper quilt project!

buy: nice clothings from bodkin. not sure why but the most of the clothes i have in my wardrobe are white, grey and black. if i can afford it, all of these outfits including the shoes would be perfect addition to my wardrobe! i love how they all the lose cut that seems to be really comfortable to wear but still also fit in nicely and look very stylish.

on a side note, this year feels really really quickly to me, i still can't believe it's july already and there are so many things i want to do! how are you going with your goals / resolutions? care to share what you have achieved and what other things that you still want to do before the end of the year? would love to hear from you.

see: beautiful paper cut art by miss lorraine nam, based in north wales, PA, USA. her works are very neat and delicate! i always love anything to do with paper.

i've decided to put in artist's location on my posts from here on, i think it might be helpful for people who are interested in their works. how's your weekend so far? it's sunny but freezing here in sydney!

model: greer
make-up: livia

several weeks ago i did a photoshoot with my friends. here are a few from the roof top series - no edits made to these photos in terms of the lights / colours, first photo straight out of camera and just a little cropping on the second photo. a few more photos on my flickr, i'm still learning to take better portraits here so any feedback pls do let me know! have a lovely weekend.
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