see: oh my cavalier showcasing beautiful illustrations by julianna swaney. i think there's this sadness or loneliness feeling in her simple and delicate artworks which somehow makes them even more special.

now the exciting part, the lucky winner of frankie's photo album is...

...comment #25 from Marinka. congratulations and please email me to claim your prize! thanks for everyone else who has participated! if this is not your luck, i can't really promise anything yet but i might have some other giveaways in future :)

see: pretty photos by deer cecilia, my latest flickr finding. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

*update: saying hello to everyone who's entered the frankie's photo album giveaway. wow nice to see there are lots of interests, i know some of you have several entries but i'm stoke that i'm hitting my record 100 comments yay! there's still 1 day to go before i pull out a name of the lucky winner. good luck!

also thanks to you who are now following how's your weekend! if you're keen in photography please do send me your own weekend photos, see info about submissions here :)

win: (drum roll please...) the photo album - a beautiful beautiful photo book produced by my favourite magazine frankie! i own one of these myself and loving it, full of gorgeous pictures both by amateurs and professional photographers. one of my inspirations to start my other project: collective photography blog how's your weekend.

so still in the whole photography theme for the competition, i hope you don't mind that i use this occasion as a self promotion to my other blog as well :)

to enter the competition:
  • you just need to comment on this post
  • you'll get an extra entry if you tweet about this competition (please put another comment after you tweet)
  • you'll get another entry again if you're following / subscribing to my other blog how's your weekend (please also put another comment if you are!)
i will draw the lucky winner on tuesday, 29 june 2010. this competition is open both for local and international readers. all the best and thanks so much frankie for sponsoring this competition.

buy: mini purse necklaces from kikosattic. what a gorgeous gorgeous collection and such a clever idea!

p.s. i am guest blogging for much love anna today and tomorrow, please do stop by and say hi there :)

see (and buy!): super nova huggable inflatable lights designed and developed by cleanroom *via design sponge*. oh my gosh i want one!!

see: the fabulous works of grĂ©goire alexandre. you have to have a look at every single work on his portfolio site. yes, every single one of them! pure genius and super arty!

buy: adorable card collection by darling clementine. oh, i love their design! hope you all are having a great monday because i am! yesss... because it's a long weekend here in australia, teehee!
is it time for some blog crushes round up today? i think it is! here are my two new favourites.

life in the slow line by sayaka minemura (also see her submissions for How's your weekend?)

joanne lam's personal blog (i also love her taste of music!)

these two ladies have a lot to share and their gorgeous photos just warm my heart. and by the way, i'm happy for liss winnel from daydream lily (i'm one loyal reader of her blog!) to be nominated as cosmo's female fearless of the year awards, please help to vote for her!

also, thanks very much all for all your sweet comments on my photos, it means a lot to me, you all make my day! have a lovely weekend!

been a while since i put up some of my own photos so thought i'd just share some from my little trip to hunter valley garden two weeks ago :) i love the colour autumn. although the rain could be really sucky.

listen: darling, it's alright by francis and the lights. the more i listen to it, the better it gets. a nice refreshing new music to add to my playlist. *music found via black eiffel and photo from*

on a side note, sydney is a lot happening this month: vivid sydney, creative sydney, sydney film festival all happening on june. can you believe we're heading towards half of the year already? i am freaking out!

see: 100 abandoned houses a project by kevin bauman who has been documenting photographs of abandoned houses in detroit. there are some loneliness, eerie and beautiful at the same time. find out more about this project here.

p.s. if you noticed, i had to reshuffle one of the winners for HUH. tote bags as one person didn't claim her prize for more than a week now.. so sorry i had to do this. congrats for the new lucky winner and enjoy the rest of the weekend for everyone.
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