see: logan jackson photography. i know i kept saying this, but i just don't know how young photographers these days take such great photos AND self portraits. and yes, lots of them are self taught too. i need to learn from these guys how to take good portraits!

can you believe it's the end of january already? i feel that i haven't done much yet this year, i know it's still 11 months ahead to go but new years resolutions don't seem to be working for me. i think i need to set up some short term goals instead (realistic ones). how are you going with your resolutions?

see: camille's outfits at childhood flames for some fashion inspirations. i like her style in this video, except for the fact that i won't be able to walk on those high heels. and isn't she just cute? happy friday!

see: photos by ina jang. she just knows the art of turning such simple concepts into something extraordinary. less is more. one word for ina: fabulous!!!

see: kareena zerefos artworks. beautiful illustrations by australian artist for the australian day! while we are all very lucky to be able to enjoy the beautiful day, not only for us here down under but also all of you around the world, let us also help to support hope for haiti now.

p.s. just want to share some of my favourite australian sites here. show your love to:
my favourite art markets the finders keepers
my favourite magazine frankie
my favourite sydney guide twothousand

happy australian day!

see: nechepurenka knitted soft toys, aren't they just adorable! she also makes awesome illustrations. how's everyone doing this weekend? it's going to be super hot day here in sydney, i think beach would be way too hot, i'll need an escape plan to some place with air-con! suggestions?

see: rodney smith's photography. take your time to have a look through his portfolio. classic, elegant, chic. and sometimes with a bit of humour. i like! *thanks for the link miss greer*

see: the book travelers diary. simply. lovely.

see: photos by frenchie jane (or her real name is francesca allen-dawson). teenage photographers always amazed me these days! i still have another day of guest blogging at daydream lily so stay tuned and do visit me there :) have a nice weekend!

see: beautiful still images by yataro matsuura. love the lighting and the simplicity of his photography. it's just inspiring how he can capture such wonderful pictures from mundane day to day life. i love love love!

and talking about inspirations, have a look at my recent post at daydream lily and share yours!

see: kings of convenience's photos by åse holte. i love the photos as much as i love the band! *thanks for the link caleb!*

eh... just want to share another stop motion video i made with jo :) and btw i'll be guest blogging at daydream lily this week, very excited to be a part of one of my favourite blogs! do come and visit me there!

see: KURO's visual identity design for a cowboy's dream bed and breakfast. love every single item they did, i really like the old and classic design with the wooden material, or that classic metal bottles. very detailed and well executed, nice works guys!

join: much love monday project. share your heart shape photo and show your love!

*a quick update, as a part of this project we also need to mention one thing we love and i just realised i haven't done it, woopsie! sooo... there are a lot of things that i love, but for this one, let me just say my love for simply inspiring photography project like this one! - as appeared at much love monday project part 2

hear: clementine by washington. cute animated video clip for a cute song, i like and hope you like it as much as i do. happy friday!

see: art installations by chiharu shiota. beautiful and eerie at the same time, amazing works. would be awesome to visit her exhibition someday if she ever comes to australia!

see: hello mr fox, lovely lovely blog with gorgeous pictures and vintage treasures! talking about mr fox, have you seen fantastic mr fox? a must see movie!! such a quirky animation movie, very funny and entertaining.

*photo by diyosa*

today See Hear Say is 1 year old. i would like to thank every single one of you who has been reading, commenting and emailing me. you all mean a millions to me, it's you who keep me going with this blog! i might treat myself a little cupcake and a cup of coffee later today! i hope you have been and keep enjoying your time reading See Hear Say.

big hugs,
laura xx

how's everyone doing on the first day of 2010? if you have to say your wish or goal in 1 word, what would it be? i think my word would be "colourful". yeah, let's make this year an awesome year full of colourful stories! wish you love, peace, health, success and happiness! *photo by moxiee*
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