hear: i love my harbour by hundreds *black and white photos by jenny schaefer* they're my new favourite band and i just love love love this song i keep playing it over and over again! please do hit play and let me know what you think. do you have any music monday to share with me? 


  1. Haha i love your blog and have it in my feedreader since quiete a while. I was surprised today to see your entry about 'hundreds'. They are from my city (hamburg)and I went to some of there concerts and the singer (Eva) is a friend of a friend. Haha! Glad they have found their way to Austalia. Keep up the good work and greetings from autumn coloured Germany!

  2. hi katharina, oh i love them!! i found it from one of the blogs i subscribe to as well (i forgot which one..) - are they new? please be sure to pass on my message to them to come to australia cause i'd like to see them live!!!

  3. Great post..thanks for sharing :)

  4. :)

    happy you love hundreds aswell. i hope you'll see them live one day. there show is really great too and the music is also slightly danceable when playing loud.

    if you like hundreds you might also like james yuill, marbert rocel, mohna or me succeeds.

    my favorite band at the moment is warpaint.

    bests from malmö

  5. I have seen them last spring the first time I think. I will let them know :) They are great life! You should come to hamburg one day. Many of their songs are inspired by the city (i love my harbour).
    have a nice day:) Katharina

  6. oooh lovely! i adore the calm, almost underwater vibe.

    xo Alison

  7. I love it, it reminds me so mutch the ocean and the peace...I'm going to start to listen this group in my playlist.tanhks*

  8. great song, it's very relaxing!


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