h for house!

by - 8/28/2010

justs sharing with you the design i did for the previous brief "alphabet" on sparkapolooza. the latest brief we have now is "little monsters" and it's due on 30th august 2010, on monday that is so you'd better hurry up and get your writing, design, drawing, photograph or any kinds of creative response that you can think of beforehand!

p.s. please do check out my guest post at the drifter and the gypsy. have a nice weekend!

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  1. your h for home alphabet is cute, i wonder who lives there. :)

  2. hej, just checked out your cool colorful tights guest post..great images..love the Nikon! ;)

  3. This is super cute! Nice work. :)

  4. Who knew the letter h could be so adorable? It's so cute it makes me want to know what M looks like! great work X