ada experimental

join: ada experimental - the globetrotting doll project started by adeline from lady croissant. i'm lucky enough to be able to participate in the project and my photos have just been published on ada's blog. here's the story of ada's visit in sydney!

welcome to sydney ada!

ada at circular quay.

sydney harbour bridge.

the stairs is just too high especially for little ada, but she said it's worthed the view.

sydney opera house. "when we said goodbye, the clouds told me to come back to sydney again."

the rocks.

ada in the train. so long farewell ada please come visit us again!

on a side note, just sharing with you a little update from me...

i was so devastated and almost burst into tears last night because i have stupidly deleted the whole photo folder from my computer by accident. they were not in my recycle bin and pretty much deleted permanently. to make it worse my internet has stopped working as well that i couldn't do anything about it then.

but i'm back on the net today AND this awesome free software recuva has been able to restore nearly all of my lost files (over 3000 files!!). it's definitely recommended if you've ever experienced the same problem!

even more exciting, my photo got a mention at diana mini love PLUS how's your weekend got published at frankie's blog, and now i have got a lot of new submissions both via email and flickr, thank you thank you thank you! hello to you new readers and do expect some updates on how's your weekend now that i'm back online :)


  1. I love that project!

    phew, it's great to hear that you got all your files back... That must've been scary.

    and congrats on all the mentions! I was just thinking about submitting another "how's your weekend" post, but it looks like there'll be a long waiting line, lol. Well deserved though! :)

  2. cuteeee XD temen gw juga ngusulin project serupa tapi gw terlalu males untuk mulai hahahah :D
    itu yang "come back" lucu banget La bisa gitu kerennn!!

    oh, and glad your data's back >.<

  3. whoa!!!!!! thats really cool! i love that the girl's all red!
    this is cool.

    aww, im sorry all your files got deleted ): but im glad you got a log of them back!!! ugh, it happened to me one time in a post i was doing, but, thankfully i remembered the recycle folder ;D
    i'll keep that software in mind if i should ever need it!

  4. Yay for Ada, yay for recovering your files, yay for YOU!!!

  5. Lovely project ! In French "voir rouge" (seeing red) means being angry, but seeing red in this manner definitely pleases me :D !

  6. She looks like she's totally enjoying the travelling!
    Rianna xxxx

  7. Thanks for taking us along for the mini tour of sydney..would love to go there someday. Glad to hear that you managed to get your files back, that was quite a scare.

  8. That's fantastic! So excited about your mention on frankie's blog :)

    I so know that feeling. I was bad enough not to back up any of my files, then our house got broken into and every was gone! Computer that had years of photos, files, portfolio on it. Bad move. Now must learn to back things up!


  9. Lucky you that you recovered them all! I did the same thing, and I absolutely freaked, was crying, called my tech-friend in hysterics. I had just gone on a massive Eurotrip and deleted all 5k photos, plus the thousands of photos from the rest of my high school/college life. I used a program called Data Rescue II, and it only recovered probably a tenth of my photos, and many of them are weird pixelated versions of them. Still such a bummer. I should've tried Recuva!


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