9:47 PM

see: what i have got in my mail last week - it's a lovely piece by dawbis! (sorry my photos are a bit dark..) dawbis is a paper artist and collector based in texas, usa. i have been a loyal reader to her blog for some time now and the artworks she posted always put a smile on my face. very happy to have own one of her art with me, i am yet to buy a nice frame for its new home.

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  1. aaw that's so cute :p going to check the blog now..

  2. That is so cute! They're dancing in their underwear, always something that can put a smile on anyone's face (:

  3. Aww! That is the cutest little thing. Lovely (:

  4. i have HUGE respect for paper artists! there's something about it that i love soo much!!

  5. i'm really really glad that you like the artwork :) thanks for sharing it on your blog! hugs!

  6. those are so cute..I love them!lucky you :)


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