judy kauffman


buy: judy kauffman illustrations. loving the house & the bird (top) and the black & white circus series (bottom). whimsical!

p.s. i meant to say this yesterday, but anyway... happy mothers day!

p.s.s. my friend mags has launched a new blog the craft army and i'm one of the contributors there. it's still relatively new, but more crafty events, inspirations and tutorials to come in future. please visit and say hi!


  1. I love that first illustration.
    The craft army looks like a great new blog! How exciting :)

  2. Ooh...Craft Army is great!

    And, to quote Enid Blyton, Hurrah for the Circus!

  3. those look fantastic! can't get enough of lovely illustrations! wish i could draw like that!

  4. wow i love that one of the houses. i can just imagine having it blown-up really huge and pasted on my bedroom wall <3 the craft army looks stunning; all the best! :)

  5. i love that first illustration! living in a city that colorful would be amazing. now i'm off to check out the craft army!

  6. that first illustration is suuuupah cute!! :)


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