chrissie white

by - 5/12/2010

see: chrissie white's amazing photography. i've been keeping an eye on her flickr stream for a while now and i gasped everytime i saw an update. daydream lily has also recently posted her beautiful photo.

on a side note, i have been thinking about See Hear Say facebook page which at the moment doesn't have much activity other than my blog posts feed. do you actually find it useful? have you been reading my posts from facebook? i'm thinking of putting down the page otherwise. keep or kill, please let me know what you think?

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  1. Graet photos!

    I'm not reading blogs (or anything else really) on facebook. I don't find it useful for me at all, as I use face solely to keep updated on what my rl friends are up to.

    I agree that you should either kill it or upgrade it though! :)

  2. Definitely keep! I like the photos you share :)

  3. For sure this are great! thanks for sharing, this inspires a lot!! wish my pictures were as half as lovely as this!

  4. They are beautiful.


  5. ooh i love those last photos. that is some amazing headwear right there!

  6. I've seen your facebook page and please don't kill it.

  7. that first photo is amazing!
    Personally, I rarely use facebook for anything, but if you have readers who do benefit from it, then I guess you should keep it alive.