sunshine award

See Hear Say has recently received a sunshine award from rachel at little bits of lovely. thanks so much! 

i meant to pass on this award to 12 other blogs but ugh.. i'm pretty bad at doing this and there are just too many good blogs out there. rather than that, i just would like to give a shout out to these bloggers who always keep me inspired all this time: liss from daydream lily, amanda from here comes the sun and danica from oh, hello there. and please do visit other awesome blogs and links and friends on my sidebar! 

a quick announcement, as you might have already noticed i 've removed all the banners  on my sidebar and decided to go ad free. i do have a commercial plan for my other project How's your weekend? but it might be sometime in future still far away to go.

for those of you who wish to take out my banner from your blog as i'm no longer doing banner exchange, please feel free to do so. but if you want to keep the banner linking back to See Hear Say, i'll love you forever it would be much much appreciated :) if you like my blog, i'm certainly open to any new requests for See Hear Say banners. thanks again and enjoy your friday!

*photo by danielle suzanne*


  1. hey hun, i will keep your ad up on my blog :) much love to you!

  2. aww thank you for the mention, laura! it has made my day :)

  3. you both plus liss are tops! oh thanks amanda for keeping my ad, much love to you too!!

  4. Love your blog, this photo make me smile :-)

    see you soon

  5. this is oh so beautiful.


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