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a while back i have received an honesty scrap award from the drifter and the gypsy and best blog award from I ▲M TALLER THAN THE CHILDREN. thank you thank you!! i am so sorry it took me so long, i'm pretty bad with these kind of things.. so here are 10 random facts about me:

1. i only started to get interested in photography when i finished uni.
2. as embarrassing as it sounds... i can not drive (yet).
3. i've never been a very sporty person, i'm particularly terrible at any sports with balls (volleyball, basketball, football, and the list goes on).
4. i'm a flat shoes girl, i don't really care about being short and/or fashion - me and high heels, we just don't match.
5. i love the feel of sands on my feet but i don't like walking barefoot on the grass.
6. once when i was a little girl i wanted to be a ballerina, i think it was all because of this book.
7. still talking about my childhood, my favourite children book author is enid blyton.
8. i love white furnitures.
9. i think i have a phobia of public speaking, i'm a pretty shy person and i express myself better in writing. but having said that, writing is not my best subject at school either. confused? i am.
10. if i can turn back time, i think i would have gone to an art / design school for my study.

i would like to pass the awards on to a few new found (for me) gorgeous blogs: kisses and cross stiches, mausami and the owl diary.

*photo by sophie's world*


  1. i am the same as you on many of those counts. i can drive though, hehe, but not by choice. i remember trying to learn for the very first time and almost having a heart attack in the process! i've always wanted to travel by bike, but it is ever so dangerous everywhere i live!

  2. Number five is nice, and special :)

  3. @sc: it's just weird! i love walking barefoot on the beach, i love the feel of the sands and the sea on my feet. but i just don't enjoy it walking barefoot in the park or garden!

  4. Im obsessed with your blog haha i went through all of your posts, reallly inspirational.. loved it. hope you can stop by mine. xx


  5. Thankyou!!

    And I enjoyed learning a little bit about you (i cannot drive neither!) xx

  6. I love the photo! And about the ballerina thing...who wouldn't want to be one?


  7. Im the opposite when it comes to Sand/Grass. I love to walk on the grass barefoot but hate the feeling of sand between my toes....i think its the feeling of it getting under your toenails I hate. and I love white furnishings too.

    oh and if I could turn back the clock I probably would of went to photography school...or art school too.

    x Liss

  8. Yay! I can't drive either. It's great to learn more about you. Oh and you can always go back to school if you want. But of course you're pretty clever so you don't need to sit in a classroom to learn about great photography, you already have an eye for these things.

  9. thanks for sharing. i love random facts about people!

  10. Great post my dear :) your blog is simply lovely!
    Im a flat shoe gal too!
    vicki xo

  11. Cute post! i love walking barefoot on the beach too.

  12. I can relate to a lot from your list! I can't drive, always wear flat shoes, and wanted to be a ballerina too (but my "inspiration" was the Mari-chan comic books! hehe).
    For some reason, I thought you did go to a design school. You have such a good eye for it. What did you study?

  13. muchlove - oh thanks anna! i did marketing communication for uni :)

  14. i am the opposite when it comes to the bare feet- sand/grass dilemma, but enid blyton is my favourite children's author too. i still adore the faraway tree books :)


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