4:16 PM

see: sophia's new living room at her blog sobinique. amanda from here comes the sun introduced me to her blog, and i've been loving and following her blog since then. despite of her gorgeous photography, how nice is her redecorated living room? would love to see more of her space. have a nice weekend.

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  1. i love her so much! everything she posts i want to post too, but i exercise a little restraint :)

    this is so gorgeous. if i could just have one room like this, never mind my entire house, i would be very happy.

  2. how gorgeous is her house! i would die to have her kitchen haha

  3. wow. that is a very white living room. pretty amazing though :p

  4. amazing blog, all your pictures is adorable

  5. yay she is great isn't she! i remember when i made her my "blog of the week" last year and her blog was so undiscovered! i'm glad she's getting more of the credit she deserves now!

  6. I love her space too! So amazingly white. I need more white in my home too!

  7. I'm Happy that I found your blog
    it's so beautiful.

  8. impressively beautiful. thanks for sharing!

    xo Alison


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