a tiny showcase..


so anyway, one of my goals this year is to be more creative and one of my attempts is digital illustrations. since it's the end of february 2010 (already?!) thought i'd share with you the first two artworks i did. view bigger versions at my flickr. don't know yet what i will make of these but your honest opinions, feedback and suggestions would be much much appreciated.

and thanks everyone for the wishes on my previous post, i do feel better and hopefully will go back to work tomorrow. and oh, did you create anything this year? any craft, drawings, photos, redecorating your room etc please do share with me!


  1. oh, this is pretty! what program did you do this in?

  2. thank you all, that's very encouraging! <3

    @the drifter and the gipsy - i used photoshop

  3. wow hun love the art work, esp the toadstools! :)

  4. These are so nice! Keep up the work!

    I have redecorated my bedroom (I'll have some photos up on my blog soon) this year, as well as taken a lot of photographs. Most of them can be seen over at my blog! :)

  5. They're so lovely! I especially love the mask one. Did you draw that with Illustrator?
    I've been thinking that I want to start creating more too.

  6. Very sweet images you made there! I'm what I call a 'freestyle scrap-booker'. I make collages with meaningful images that I use later as inspiration for fashion academy. Examples can be found on my blog and more of those posts coming up!


    x Annabel

  7. I am loving the mask! Very mysterious...

  8. I've just started following you & I'm enjoying your blog. You images are wonderful. I started photography last year and on Friday I made my very first handbag. Feel free to leave a comment.


  9. these are both lovely. What do you intend them to be used for? I think thats quite an annoying question but my photography teacher always asks us that and it can make you look differently about your work :)

  10. whoa thank you all for your nice words!!
    @muchlove anna - no, i used photoshop. unfortunately i don't really know how to use illustrator!
    @poppy french - oh i really don't know yet.. i can probably take out the old paper texture and have them printed as postcards or gift tags, i don't know. what do you think? open for any suggestions!

  11. great job! that's neat that those were done on the computer!

    i just started sewing hair bows out of scrap fabric. i'm having loads of fun, but it's tedious!!



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