see: ann wood's beautiful art and crafts. so i have decided; today is going to be all about her, because i think she's awesome!! some prettiness below. too hard to choose which images to post because there are all just so nice!

isn't this just the prettiest craft ship?

and these birds are just too cute!

learn how to make ann wood's cardboard horse stampede at her blog here!

and if you still can't get enough of her (like me), take a look at her gorgeous home/studio featured at design sponge. it's full of lovely treasures! have a great weekend peeps!

see: wild flowers art by curlin reed sullivan. aren't they just adorable!
listen: wonderful music by pogo! with his creativity pogo composed his music using the original sounds from movies like alice in wonderland, the sword in the stone, the king and i, harry potter etc (see below few clips!). beautiful, magical, calming music to listen to. i think this guy is a genius, i'm truly amazed! enjoy his music at myspace, or youtube. hope you like it as much as i do! *thanks jo!*

an electronic piece of which 90% is composed using sounds recorded from the disney film 'alice in wonderland'

an electronic piece of which 90% is composed of sounds recorded from the 1956 film 'the king & i'
sophie takes pictures and ebony from hello sandwich gave me a lovely blog award; the very first blog award for See Hear Say! *blush*
thank you all, you made my day <3

how this award works:
1. accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2. pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

so it's my turn to pass on this award to (in alphabetical order): atsuii, coccinelle, fifikoussout, friggen awesome, half girl, heart in cage, here comes the sun, kissing her cage good-bye, lost my head, make it easy, rose coloured rain, sophie takes pictures, the art of jordan, the unicorn diaries, windy days.

weather is so awful this weekend. having a quiet weekend at home, catching up on pretty blogs over vanilla chai latte. it's a good change from my usual skinny cappuccino. what are you up to?

*photo by joaniemary*

see: eye series watercolour on paper by marion b. wish i could paint like this.

btw does anyone have a spare invite of ffffound account for me? :) would really love to have an image bookmarking account but weheartit has been quite slow lately... or if anyone knows any other good image bookmarking site other than these two?
see: ceren keyman's jewellery design from turkey. simply cute! here's a bit more about her.

how long have you been designing jewellery, how did you get started?
For so long...Because my education as a violin player needs discipline and hard work, I never have the chance to actualize my ideas since 2007. While I finalize the whole concept of my designs, I met with Istanbul Modern Museum of Arts Store. Since then I give almost all my time to develop my ideas and try not to finish it.

how would you describe your style?
I am watching Scandinavian designers closely, also following the details in art deco. A little bit gothic, a little bit fairy tale, more modern...

what materials are you using?
I use plexiglas and leather for now.

where are you based and how does this influence your work?
I live in Turkey and sell my designs in Turkey for now. I do work on many projects in here, my "Hacivat-Karagoz" jewellery project is one of them for example, which is an exhibition for galanty show, they are the most well known theatrical characters in Turkey. My collection also introduced in an exhibition called "Design Cities" in Istanbul and the exhibition is for New Designers of the City. However, I don't work mostly on ethnic or cultural mental pictures, somehow the city and the people who live in it influenced the work of any designers. But I think it is not just that simple.

what inspires you?
Anything can make an image for me. But imagining the future is the best inspiration theory of mine.

how do you spend your spare time?
I may say good wine, good magazines, good friends, I enjoy thinking about my ideas, and thinking about they come true.

can we buy your jewellery online?
We are working on it but for now, we haven't got that opportunity, a few months later we will anounce it. If anybody interested in please call us on the contact numbers or via e-mail which you can find on, then we will come up with the possibilities.

thanks for sharing ceren! and all the best of luck!

see: and i still miss you. the joy of flipping through a free online magazine, 3 issues are already out for you to explore!

and btw i would like to thank you all who are interested in the banner ad exchange i mentioned on my prev post. i'm trying to organise this i'll follow up with each of you some time this week.

visit: the finders keepers autumn / winter 2009 market. just a quick reminder, the market is on this weekend! more info about transport here. see you there :)

listen: desert by emilie simon. this one is the french version but she has the english version too. love the eerie yet beautifully made video, very arty.

happy news to share on this post - sandra got married! congratulations!! sandra's blog is one of my favourite of all time and she has been an inspiration.

just would like to share the inspire april package i've got from liss :) see photos from other participants here. hope you have had a great weekend.

see: vinna laudico's photos. pretty!! *thanks for the link chare*

p.s. it's mother's day here in australia. best wishes for all of you mothers :)

listen: jungle drum by emiliana torrini. i can't get this song out of my head!

see: days with my father by phillip toledano. i put this on my twitter a while ago but i thought i would blog about it too to spread the words even more about this amazing journal. the most beautiful story and photographs, never thought i would cry over a website.

see: for some fashion inspirations around the world. it's getting colder here and i need some winter clothes! i was browsing around to get some jackets or coats. what's your favourite fashion brand? and any online shops that you like? please do send me a link (or two)! hope you all have had a great weekend. good night!

buy: daisy by marc jacobs, my favourite fragrance at the moment, it's sooo fresh and lovely. i've just received the stimulus cash package from the government (yay!) and this one is on my shopping list. so... what about you, what's your favourite fragrance?
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