visit: m&m's dark chocolate website and give it a go on the game: find 5o dark movies hidden in a painting. one of my colleagues showed me this site *thanks john!*. i think this is great fun and a very smart idea. i couldn't find all of the 50 movie titles myself! see how you go with it!

and btw, i've pulled out a name from a hat for the draw on my previous post. and the russh magazine goes to... dum dum dummmm... ABCDErica! please email me your mailing address to claim the prize :)

i have an extra russh magazine edition march/april 2009 that i'd like to give away. does anyone want this mag? to enter the draw, just leave a comment below; winner will be announced on wed 29 april 2009.

see: the most adorable weather forecast ever! you all might have seen this posted somewhere else a lot of times, however i just have to post it here as well because it's just too cute! it's fair 20°c in sydney today, partly cloudy. what's the local weather like at yours?

see: olivia malone photography. i think she does a great job capturing the beauty of simple moments on her photographs. as you probably have seen, i'm in the mood of blue greyish soothing photos these days, hence the selection. so anyway, for those of you who are participating on inspire april project, unless you've already done so, don't forget to post the package to your swap partner friday this week 24 april 2009 at the latest.

see: photos by dylan sada aka momomilk. she's an experimental photographer who was born in jakarta and is now residing in new york. excellent works with unique style. hope you all have had a great weekend, good night!

see / listen: island blues by koop. what do you think?

shop: eggling. there are a range of plants available from flowers, strawberry, cactus and fresh herbs that you can grow from the eggs. either for yourself or others, this would be an adorable addition to your home. i mean, how cute are they? let's crack and grow the egg!

on a side note, i am now a regular contributor on sparkapolooza. this is a fortnightly creative project and each creative brief or theme would be different. the blog is originally created by joeii but it got stopped for a while and we've decided to make it alive once again. feel free to join in if you feel like, and if you do please leave a comment with a link to your works so that we can see them too :)
see: sarah mcneil's beautiful works on her blog and her flickr. she's a great artist as well as crafter, you can buy sarah's stuffs at her etsy shop too. sarah has kindly shared with us a little bit more about herself, keep scrolling to find out more.

how did you become an artist?
I always liked to draw and make things. Art school came after high school, then after I finished art school I had trouble finding a "real job" so I figured that art would have to be my real job.

how would you describe your art?
Small, delicate, precious, holdable. At least for now. I'm thinking of breaking out from the "illustrator/artist/crafter" category in favour of the complete opposite, to create something Big and Unattainable, but somehow still inclusive. Perhaps along the lines of Martin Creed's "The Lights Off" or something, with my own style in it still though.

what medium do you use?
Mostly pencils and gouache. Nice paper.

where do you get your ideas?
Hmmm, well I just moved to Canada to be with the man I love, so kind of lot from that. Before that, He was traveling through the US and I was in Melbourne, living in my art studio and sleeping under my desk, slowly reducing my possessions to get down to the essentials before I left the country. That was kind of inspiring as well, kind of a self induced isolation. I could have been more social at the time but isolation is important in my work.

favourite music on your playlist currently?
Songs from TV ads in the 90's.

any books or movies you'd recommend?
A few nights ago I was reminiscing about Russian authors and books that I like. I have been too busy working and "twittering" (damn you internet!) to read very much lately, but Bulgakov is a favourite, and I enjoy nicely illustrated bird identification books too. I used to read a lot of environment and nature books which is why I went vegetarian but I haven't read any for a while so I might need to refresh my memory before I cave in and eat hamburgers again (still can't deal with the idea of bacon though, yuck).

I watch quite a lot of movies, but I think Wes Anderson movies is my (possibly entirely obvious) answer for my favourite. Oh and I love "Lost in Translation". And "Shortbus". I just watched Synecdoche New York a little while ago, and throughout the whole movie I was like "Oh my goodness, this is good. I don't even know what to think but I like it". If anyone has any recommendations for good movies I would like to hear them.

favourite artists?
I like people who draw like Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch and Jaakko Pallasvuo, my love of Warhol comes in waves (I think I may be at the crest of one now). I like a lot of artists who create sort of immersive environments with their art too.

describe what would be your perfect day?
Wake up kind of early (for me that means 8, at the moment I have really strange sleeping/waking hours), go for a walk and get some good coffee and breakfast. Come back home and finish a drawing, cheese plate (camembert, cheddar, parmesan, maybe some grilled haloumi, olives, pesto, rocket, basil, honey and grilled pear, perhaps some walnuts, and some spectacularly good ciabatta. Oh and sea salt and cracked pepper too) for lunch. A hike in the hills after that for a few hours, sitting at the top for a while with the wind in my hair and listening to the bird calls and sounds of the valley. After that, off to an art exhibition opening, meet with friends and chat for a bit, then finish the night off watching some bands and eating whatever food I feel like. Sleep peacefully and easily.

if you could reside anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I move around a lot, I kind of would like to go back to Tasmania for a few days to see my mum and dad, and I have this dream of living in New Zealand and starting my own art gallery in the next few years. Oh and I have to go to Berlin soon to see my friends and make some art there and explore a bit. I can't really imagine living in one place forever though.

any future exhibitions / projects coming up?
Why, yes, actually. On the 18th of August there is a tea party/art exhibition opening at Brunswick Bound gallery in Melbourne called "Apocalypse Ahoy!" (sadly, the last exhibition there ever!). I have put two pieces in the show, and there are a whole lot of other fantastic artists with work there too.

thanks heaps for your time sarah, love your work!!

happy easter for those who celebrate!! hope you've had a lovely break. yay for another relaxing day off easter monday before going back to our normal weekdays routine. i have added some new lovely blogs into my side bar, enjoy! *photo by samantha lamb*

visit: yayoi kusama's mirrored years exhibition at mca, it's freakin amazing!! going to see this japanese artist's art installations is just like stepping into la la land, a whole different world. cute, magical and full of polkadots! one of the best art exhibitions i've gone to so far. this is definitely a must if you're around sydney from now until 8 june 2009.

see: rohan anderson photography. i think these photos of the cool nerd couple are cute.

few notes from me, i want to thank you all who has sent me sweet emails or comments on my blog, you all made my day! just a quick reminder if you're still interested, don't forget that you have 1 MORE DAY to sign up for inspire april project. registration will be closed tonight - friday, 10 april 2009 at midnight sydney time - so don't be shy :) ohhh... i am so very glad that we're finally having a long weekend. we've made it!! i hope you are all going to have a lovely easter break.

see: pure magazine. another gorgeous online free fashion magazine! unfortunately i don't understand the language :( this is for you out there who can read portuguese!

see: hedi slimane diaries. speechless. too many photos and they are all just stunning. i'm in love with black and white photography even more. *via daydream lily*

p.s. come and join me on inspire april project, people. there are 5 more days left to sign up. on a side note, thanks for your email girinath from bangalore, india for sharing your illustration works.

see: ren rox photography. i really really really like her black and white series. what are you all up to this weekend?

join: inspire april project! i'm happy to announce that i'll be organising my very first swap project.

so to give you a bit of a background, i read articles in 2 different magazines already, saying that this is the time that people would most likely start to forget about their new year resolutions. inspired by that, i think this is a good time for us to bring back the spirit, to remind, share and inspire each other to get back on track to what it is that we want to achive or make a difference this year. maybe go travelling, decorate your home, be more creative, be more fit, meet more people, find new love? whatever it is, it's still early in the year and it is not too late to start if you haven't already.

inspire april swap:
  1. pick a word or phrase and write it down in a lovely note to encourage your swap partner
  2. share 3 things that you want to do / achieve / make a difference this year
  3. take 3 photos of inspiring things you find on your daily life (e.g. the sky, trees, your breakfast, old buildings you pass everyday, vintage treasures, etc)
  4. prepare 3 goodies for your swap partner, doesn't matter if you want to pick them from shops or if you want to make them yourself (e.g. vintage prints, small journal, magazine, ribbons, etc)
to sign up, just email your details to put "inspire april project" on the subject. i'll need your details as below:
  1. your name
  2. mailing address
  3. email address
  4. a link to your blog / website / flickr
  5. will you ship internationally?
sign up is closed on friday, 10th april 2009. i will then email you individually who your swap partner is shortly after closing date. package to be mailed no later than friday, 24th april 2009.

any concerns/questions please let me know. and do feel free to spread out the words too; just email me if you'd like to get an animated banner like displayed on my blog sidebar and i'll send you the html codes. hope we all will have fun and get inspired!

*update: registration has now been closed. thank you to you all who has signed up :)
**more update: photos can now be viewed here.
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