Liz Ham

by - 12/06/2009

see: liz ham commercial and fashion photography. she takes such beautiful pictures and each in a very different style.

on a side note, have you ever read this awesome blog here comes the sun? this blog is full of prettiness and inspirations. and next week i'll be sharing some stuffs there as a guest blogger! very excited, and i hope to see you there!

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my paper cranes photos :) I took them using my Canon 400D.

    Looking forward to seeing you guest posts over at Here Comes The Sun! Love that blog too.

  2. wow great photos! just so inspiring! :) i will check out the blog you mentioned!)))

  3. really really lovely :) I like the cotton candy like hair floating in the air

  4. The photos are gorgeous. Miranda Kerr would look really good as a geisha. Congrats on the guest posting.

  5. Talk about awesome and inspiring blogs...yours is just that! I came here and didn't even have to scroll down to be wowed by your lovely blog!
    so many gorgeous images:)
    hope your having a great day!

  6. These photos are really nice!!i like the dress in the first photo!

  7. ha ha im the boy in the last pic