the september issue

8:39 AM

see: the september issue and get ready to find out the real fashion world behind the scene the making of vogue. here are some gorgeous 1920s themed fashion shots by grace coddington, the creative director. click here to see more images from the photo shoot. i think she is one brilliant woman.

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  1. Beautiful photos. really.
    Nice day!

  2. Oh, I just saw this on Friday! I loved it, and really felt for Grace whenever her ideas were shut down. I would have loved to see more of her 1920s photoshoot get through.

    PS. Did you get my new button? I emailed it to you.

  3. Oooooh! I'm DYING to see this!! my sister and I promised we wouldn't see it without each other!!



  4. I have to go see this!!! its getting so many great reviews too.

  5. Oh they are so gorgeous! I love the cloche hats.

  6. I've heard a LOT about this film and missed out on seeing it at the film festival. Grace Coddington seems lovely, I've heard that she and Anna 'balance' each other out hehe.

  7. I think I was meant to live in the 20's...its definitely my favorite style era :)

  8. This photo shoot is absolutely gorgeous! My Spring line this year was inspired by 1920's and 30's fashion and I adore this! The look and feel of the photos is conveyed beautifully through the lighting and characteristics of the setting, beautiful!


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