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sydney dust storm

7:57 AM

sydney's sky is blood orange this morning due to dust raised storm, this photo is taken from our balcony at six o'clock in the morning. a very weird weather i've never seen before, a little bit scared to take a deep breath. do you have any weird weather phenomenon photos or stories you'd like to share? some more news / photos here.

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  1. liking the orange hue.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. whoa, that is bizarre. Also found some other photos of it on this blog http://poised-glitz.blogspot.com/2009/09/my-worlds-turned-orange.html

    Id be a bit scared to go outside.

  3. That is crazy! Why is there a dust storm. It's like freak weather. In Adelaide we had flooding in the streets like as if it was Jakarta.

  4. @SJ: thanks :)

    @Daydream Lily and @Sundari: i know! it's a little bit eerie isn't it, heard there was earthquake in melbourne too, that flood and hail storm in queensland.. what's happening to the world! mother earth gives us a warning to think twice and be more environmentally conscious i guess?

  5. I got a few photos this morning too! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=155027&id=590731001&l=51564912c0

    I've been hiding inside all day - I'd end up sneezing red snot after breathing that.

  6. wow, i have to say nothing like that color in your photo. spectacular brilliance. but like you said, kind of scary too. glad you snapped it :)

  7. it's crazy! does it make your clothes orange when you go outside?

  8. It's like freak weather.......wow i like it
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