thailand trip

by - 8/29/2009

explore: thailand behind my lens. just sharing some photos of my last trip to bangkok, koh tao, koh phangan and koh samui with chare :) highlights of the trip: thai massage, wat phra kaew (temple of the emerald buddha), polo fried chicken (we're obsessed with this!), beaches, sunsets, snorkelling, lady boys cabaret show, street food, 7-eleven shops and poker face by lady gaga (don't ask!).

back to sydney and my usual routine now while adjusting to a few new things. thank you all for being patient, i hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. great photos. Arent there so many Lady Boys in Thaliand??!! And the 7elevens are like their supermarkets. I would love to go again!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic trip!
    I just love the gorgeousness of that second photo.

  3. thank you all :)

    @daydream lily i know! we always went to 7-eleven to get some drinks and a bit of aircon when it got too hot lol.

  4. Oh that sounds like such fun. I've never been to Thailand but I hear it is similar to Bali, although I'm sure it is very narrow minded to believe that. Btw I finally sent off something in the mail! Sorry it took so long!!!

  5. the lady boys were so much fun.

    711 - gatorade, cup o noodles and sandwiches

    si bunga, si nanas, huahahahahahah

    dan bolak balik chaweng street cari tukang bakso

  6. eh... gw lupa... si kediiiiiiiiippppp

  7. @sundari yes, koh samui is kinda similar to bali indeed! i haven't been to bali for at least 5 years tho, my friend said it's so pretty these days! and bangkok is very similar to jakarta.

    @chare ROFL!!

  8. Great pictures! Specially love the last two :) *

  9. great pictures! looks like lots of fun!