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10:28 PM

see: the home of aimee bayliss (pr for ksubi), nathan smith (designer) and anne ryan (fashion pr) as seen at the selby. cool and trendy with a touch of vintage bits here and there!

ugh, i've got a few things to take photos and share with you all but i haven't had a chance to do it, by the time i can relax at home the light has already gone and not really ideal to take photos :( please be patient, been a bit slow at catching up with you all lately, but stay tuned, i've got a small surprise to post soonish. hope you all had have a lovely weekend.

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  1. I just love how the postcard is casually propped against the lamp - lovely.

  2. Man, I want to have cupboards like that in my kitchen!
    I know what you mean about losing the light! I always get home really late from work and am pretty much too exhausted to do anything blog-worthy.
    Looking forward to your surprise!

  3. i will say that i do love the way they rolled that chalkboard paint willy nilly instead of one neat wall, it adds a bit of fun to the space. a non-perfect kind of fun. love that.

  4. i love that necklace tree! i have a similar one. it really helps to keep them from getting tangled. also i love the writing on all of those kitchen drawers and cupboards. such a creative idea.

  5. i love those cupboards! hm, how much i would give to live in a place like this!

  6. I love how she labelled the cupboards. Makes it easy for when guests come over, hehe.

  7. I love the kitchen. It's pretty cool. If I did that, then my boyfriend would be able to put things away properly. hehe...


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