weather forecast

by - 4/25/2009

see: the most adorable weather forecast ever! you all might have seen this posted somewhere else a lot of times, however i just have to post it here as well because it's just too cute! it's fair 20°c in sydney today, partly cloudy. what's the local weather like at yours?

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  1. How cute!
    Oh, dear. It's horrible! We got to about 97 degree fahrenheit which is apparently 36.111111111111114 degrees in celcius. It just jumped from 60 to 90 degree weather. Horrible!

  2. Yes I love it! It's my favourite weather website and I'm so glad they have Copenhagen on it :)

  3. oh I haven't seen this before, its so gorgeous. thanks for the lovely find as always!!!

  4. oh my goodness! I haven't seen that so thanks so much for sharing! how cute! I have always wanted a weather report that speaks for us gals. like 'perfect for your new silk shift dress but pack a cardy too as you might need it later in the day'...or 'ditch the suede peep toes and wear patents instead as it might rain later and you don't want to damage your suede!'

  5. Love it, all weather forecasts should be this creative!